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Jira Data Protection Is Your Responsibility

Jira Terms of Service

…neither party (nor its suppliers) will have any liability arising out of or related to these terms for any loss of use, lost or inaccurate data, lost profits, failure of security mechanisms, interruption of business, costs of delay…

Let BackupLABS make it easy for you. Loss of data in Jira happens all the time

Your critical Jira data can go missing in a lot of different ways, usually due to:

  • Human

  • Platform

  • Malicious

  • Ransomware
    and Viruses

According to the Atlassian Shared Responsibility Policy, you need to perform Jira backups yourself.

Atlassian, like other big SaaS companies, has a detailed Shared Responsibility policy. This policy helps administrators know which parts Atlassian manages and which parts customers need to take care of. For Jira data backups, it’s clear that customers must set up their own backup solutions.

The #1 Jira backup tool

You are one issue, one mistake or one virus away from
losing all of your Jira projects

Imagine you’re in the middle of releasing a new feature or product when you
suddenly lose your Jira data.

How long will it take you to get back on track – weeks, months?

Secured by aws

Trusted by various organisations, BackupLABS offers a reliable safeguard for your data across Jira.

Endorsed by over 25,000 organisation and supported by Atlassian, BackupLABS provides a robust safeguard for your data across Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello. BackupLABS’s solution for Jira is designed to protect essential business data, such as:

  • Boards
  • Projects
  • Filters
  • Workflows
  • Issues
  • Requests
  • Sprints
  • Epics
  • Queues

Here’s how to set up automatic Jira
backups in under 5 minutes

  • Automatic backups every 24 hours
  • Encrypted with AES 256-bit keys
  • Backup on demand

Authorise access within seconds

Connect your Jira account to BackupLABS with just a few clicks.

  • No manual configuration
  • Simple product interface
  • Automated and secure synchronization
Authorise access within seconds

Select all your data and let us take care of the rest

Choose everything or just what’s critical and know it’s all set, automated and scheduled. If you have a major updated pushed, no problem just hit backup on demand.

  • Metadata included
  • Downloadable Zip archives
  • Revision history
Select all your data and let us take care of the rest

Simple restores within minutes

Restores never override. Create a new instance every time, to review and move forward with. There are no limits to how many times you need to rollback your critical data.

  • Select from multiple backup dates
  • Never misstep, confirm every time
  • Restore as clones
Simple restores within minutes

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    Just click and confirm from our interfaces on what you want to backup and restore.

  • Ensured compliance

    Ensured Compliance

    Keep accurate accessible records of your Jira data history.

  • Encrypted backups

    Encrypted Backups

    Your data is encrypted using AES 256-bit keys during transfer and at rest on our servers.

  • Ransomware protection

    Ransomware Protection

    We keep your data safe from any kind of malicious attack, ransomware, or data breach.

  • 24/7 dedicated support

    24/7 Dedicated Support

    We’ll fix any issue preventing you from backing up your data.

  • Daily reporting

    Audit Trail

    Monitor all user activity and automated actions as well receive critical email notifications.

BackupLABS has provided Snap! Mobile confidence and peace of mind, knowing that our 200+ code repositories will remain accessible during Github downtime incidents. Their prompt support has solidified their role as a crucial part of our backup strategy.

snap! mobile logo
Joseph Ravenwolfe Snap! Mobile Inc

Most of the time, I don’t even know it’s there. It just works in the background, as you’d expect. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good solution with great service at a fair price.

profile photo of Tom Hosie
Tom Hosie Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

For a full list of what Jira metadata we currently support, visit here. We monitor API changes as they allow so we can improve what we backup and support.

Yes. When you backup a board, it houses all the issues inside it and more.

You can only backup boards. This makes restoration simpler.

It’s on our roadmap for early 2024.

You are welcome to free trial any SaaS app, at any time.

BackupLABS does not support this. You can only backup items from your Jira account.

It’s on our roadmap for early 2024.

Backups are automated every 24 hours. In addition, you can manually backup on demand (on an account level) periodically.

You can choose to delete your backups individually, in bulk or all of them.

Archived ZIP files are available for each individual backup.

On the Essential plan there is a 30 day retention and on the Pro plan it is 90 days.

They will not, but it’s important to remember you’re responsible for your own management. Our system have methods to detect a change in filename and will notify you of it. If you chose to restore a backup from an earlier point in time, it will restore with its previous original filename and content.

We do not offer granular restoring and adopt a simple and easy to use approach of restoring the item entirely.

BackupLABS will never overwrite. Our restores always create a new instance with all the original data intact. This allows you to review and compare your data before making a decision.

100%. Our systems will detect and inform you if your boards have been deleted. If they requires rescuing, you have the choice to download the ZIP archive or restore the backup to create a new entry in your Jira account.