Products like Trello, GitHub and
GitLab don’t backup your data.
We’ll do it for you


Unfortunately, in all their Terms of Services (that no one reads), it
clearly states that no one is responsible for your data except you.

  • Backup your data in under 5 minutes, and restore it with a single click.

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  • Super-fast integration

    1-click integration with Trello,
    GitHub, GitLab and Jira.

  • Fully compliant

    GDPR, SOC and ISO compliant with
    high-level security encryption.

  • 24 hour Backup Frequency

    Fully automated backup every day
    without any manual inputs.

Companies are using BackupLABS
to protect their data and become compliant

Millions of items are protected by BackupLABS.

There are dozens of ways to lose your data, but only one way to protect it automatically: BackupLABS

BackupLABS runs automated backups every 24 hours, protecting you you
against accidental deletion, buggy updates and hacker attacks.

SaaS tools do not backup your data

Whilst nobody expects to lose data, it is happening more
frequently with cloud-based apps due to:

  • Human errors
  • Platform issues
  • Malicious users
  • Ransomware & viruses

    Top #3 causes of data loss

  • 44%
    Cyber attacks
  • 43%
    Human errors
  • 31%
    Rogue add-on apps

Over 4,500,000 tasks, boards, repositories, files (& tonnes of nerves) saved by BackupLABS

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14 days Free Access. No Credit Card Needed.

Here’s how a 5 min setup can backup
your data forever (automatically)


  • It runs in the background
  • Backs up your data every 24 hours automatically


Authorize access
with one click

Connect with Trello, GitHub and GitLab (& every other integration we launch in the future) in just minutes.

  • No manual configuration
  • Multiple platforms

All data is protected using AES 256 bit encryption, everything is stored inside Amazon’s servers that no one can access (even employees)


Choose what to backup

Select which boards, projects, repositories, and files you want to protect, create backups in minutes, and it will be automatically updated every 24 hours.

  • Auto-protect your data
  • No need for manual checks

“Where is my data stored?”

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your data and use their UK (London) and USA (Northern Virginia) data centers.

To become ISO, GDPR, AICPA or SOC compliant, you are required to backup your data.

Unless you’re backing up your data and can prove that you can easily restore it, you won’t be able to become compliant.

  • Finally, you can do it now in less than 5 minutes.
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14 days Free Access. No Credit Card Needed.


Restore data
with one click

Restore all your files, images, boards, and projects just by selecting the date and/or items you want to restore. You don’t have to restore everything; you can restore single boards, projects or items.

  • Restore only what has been lost
  • Roll back data to a specific date

“Can I specifically choose
what to restore?”

Yes, you can granularly choose what type of data to restore and from which specific date.


Backup more as you go

Start by backing up the most important things, and then decide to add more as you go.

  • Get notified on what % is protected
  • Easy to add more backups

I started by backing up my CRM in Trello but quickly realized I needed to backup all my boards since I couldn’t afford to lose them either

Pedro Cortés


Full backup visibility

On the dashboard, you can always see what’s backed up, what’s not, and any possible errors that might come up in the future.

  • Dashboard overview
  • Error notifications

We meet all your
necessary compliance

Automated backups, granular data recovery,
data location storage, cloud sync, access log,
and SOC 2 report.

Dedicated support available 24/7

We’ll fix any problem you have that keeps you from backing up your data or any other issue.

  • Help from trained data protection experts
  • Rapid response time

Almost half (43%) of all data loss events
occurred due to human error

Years ago, I deleted a Trello board by accident, I found it out when I needed that board again, but it was lost forever! So, I wrote a custom script to “dump” the data every week into a file. But that wasn’t enough because I want my data to be backed up automatically every 24 hours.

That’s why I started BackupLABS.

Rob Stevenson BackupLABS Founder & CEO

BackupLabs has provided Snap! Mobile confidence and peace of mind, knowing that our 200+ code repositories will remain accessible during Github downtime incidents. Their prompt support has solidified their role as a crucial part of our backup strategy.

Joseph Ravenwolfe Snap! Mobile Inc

Most of the time, I don’t even know it’s there. It just works in the background, as you’d expect. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good solution with great service at a fair price.

Tom Hosie

Nobody thinks they need a backup
until data is gone forever

  • Setup recurring backup in under 5 minutes
  • When something goes wrong, roll back in just a click
  • No more exhausting JSON exports and manual data recovery
  • Finally, one platform can backup your entire tool stack
Get started before you actually lose your data (and nerves!)
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We refund you if you are unhappy with our service. Simple as that.