About Us

We’ve been delivering data protection and backup solutions since 2004. Back then, we were among the first to help businesses and organizations protect and secure their data. In 2021, after seeing a dramatic rise in the use of SaaS applications, we put our 17 years of data protection expertise into founding BackupLABS.

Who we are

Fast-forward over a decade and a half, and whilst the terminology might have changed, our position at the forefront of data protection innovation hasn’t.

As organisations move away from onsite servers, becoming more and more reliant on cloud application providers that accept no responsibility for data loss, our experts have led the field in delivering cloud-to-cloud backup for these cloud-based SaaS apps. Our experience and secure-by-design philosophy make us a safe pair of hands in an increasingly risky data universe.

We made it our mission to stop app and SaaS backup becoming a complex, error-prone process that takes up your valuable time.

Why? Because we understood that this is what makes it the last thing on your to-do list – and we know what that looks like when an incident comes knocking.

The Shared Responsibility Model is one of the cloud industry’s guiltiest open secrets: despite the huge growth in critical data storage in the cloud in 2020, cloud application providers do not routinely back up your data. We aim to educate users of these apps to the risk of not protecting their own data.

The threats to your data are coming thick and fast. Accidental deletion, user error, ransomware, extortion-ware, platform app access issues and malicious insider action can separate you from your critical data, permanently.

But not on our watch.

Why us?

We put you ahead of the game.

With many years’ cloud experience, BackupLABS turn backup for your cloud applications into an effortless, always-on service that protects all your organisations data stored in your cloud applications, and makes it easily restorable when the need arises, in minutes.

Set. Forget. Restore.

We look after the data; you look after your business.